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ASLA members get discounts on design software and technology for landscape architects, provided by firms such as Keysoft, Land F/X, and Vectorworks. ASLA has also reviewed free and open-source software available to landscape architects, and provided links to download.

ASLA Members: Purchase Discounted Software

KeySCAPE, M, $

KeySCAPE by Keysoft is a robust suite of tools tailored specifically for a landscape architect’s needs. By leveraging data-driven design you can cut your production time in half, increasing your practice’s capacity for client work. Having powerful planting, hardscape, paving, irrigation, and surface modeling tools at your fingertips enables you to do more for your clients and collaborate easily with design partners using Civil 3D and Revit.

Quickly create and revise proposals to meet evolving client requirements. This flexible approach allows you to customize the system with your own symbols and databases maintaining the unique look and feel of your office standards.

This single solution takes you from concept, through detailed design, construction documentation and beyond including BIM compliance.

ASLA Members: Landscape architecture students and professors can get KeySCAPE for free; professionals can save up to 25% off new subscriptions.

Learn more and purchase.

Land F/X, M, $

Land F/X is professional-grade software specifically designed for landscape architects and irrigation designers. Land F/X's Planting Design is organized for complete accuracy, flexibility, and detail control so that you can concentrate on the art of the design process. Irrigation F/X is the most advanced irrigation design software in the world. From a complete database from every major manufacturer, to an extensive symbol library, error checking at every step, and advanced pipe sizing for any size system, Irrigation F/X gives you the peace of mind of an accurate design.

ASLA Members: Save up to $500. Learn more and purchase.

Vectorworks Landmark Software, M

Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc. software tools provide 2D and 3D design applications. Use Landmark to create, model, and present with one application. From design concepts to documentation, and every design phase in between, the Vectorworks Landmark software combines precision drafting and flexible modeling with state-of-the-art technology. Renderworks seamlessly integrates into Landmark to provide photo-realistic and hand-rendered effects. Create sun studies and solar animation by defining a directional light at a specific latitude, longitude, date and time. Now based on the CINEMA 4D render engine, the results are easier to achieve.

ASLA Members: Save up to $300. Learn more and purchase.

Explore Free or Open Source Landscape Architecture-related Software:


Google SketchUp - 3D Modeling
i-Tree - Urban forest modeler
Kerkythea - Renderer, SketchUp plugin available
Lands Design - Rhino landscape plug-in
Terragen - Landscape modelling

Open Source Software (OSS)

Archimedes - CAD
Blender - 3D modeling
Compiz - Composite window manager
Freemind- Idea mapping for meeting notes, brainstorming
GIMP - Image and graphics editor, alternative to Photoshop.
GRASS - Geographic Information System (GIS)
Inkscape - Vector graphics editor, similar to Adobe Illustrator
Scribus - Desktop publisher, similar to Adobe InDesign and Quark Express


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